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Welcome Home, Rudwan!

  1. SudanSunrise
    Rudwan Dawood, Widad Dirwish, and others still held by the NISS. Court date postponed. No Charges #SudanRevolt #Sudan #HumanRights @girifna
  2. BSonblast
    pls pray for Rudwan Dawud, who has been detained and severely tortured by NISS. His family need your support #SudanRevolts #FreeRudwan
  3. BSonblast
    from Rudwan’s wife via FB: Im SO worried about him bec we know he’s been tortured & dont even know the charges against him yet #SudanRevolts
  4. حملة التضامن مع رضوان داوود رضوان داوود ناشط …
  5. france7776
    Intimidation & witchhunt | Rudwan Dawod Sudanese Activist Charged With Terrorism #sudan #sudanrevolts #humanrights
  6. al_loya
    Ramadan Mubarak @simsimt, Eihab, Boshi, Yousra, Mo Salah, Rudwan, and all of our heroes detained by NISS. #FreeAllDetainees #SudanRevolts
  7. A22523
    Rudwan Daud, an activist, is facing the death penalty for advocating for freedom. Pray for Rudwan and call for freedom! #SudanRevolts
  8. Galaxy717
    #WeAreAllRudwan , hope everybody use this hashtag to support Rudwan tomorrow at his trial. @girifna #SudanRevolts #السودان_ينتفض
  9. A22523
    #WeAreAllRudwan I am not Sudanese, but I call for the freedom of my Sudanese brother Rudwan for he has been detained for activism.
  10. girifna
    Riot police infront of Alhaj Yousef Court where Rudwan’s hearing takes place #SudanRevolts #WeAreAllRudwan #كلنا_رضوان #السودان_ينتفض
  11. Neehallee
    “@alsadiga13 Ya allah let rudwan be free ya allh rudwan he need you ya. Allah ansor rudwan ya allah feek asrah wa asr kul alglaba ya rab “
  12. girifna
    Message From #RudwanDawod Wife, Nancy: I’m 32 weeks pregnant today! We already love her SO much #SudanRevolts #WeAreAllRudwan #RudwanTrial
  13. MimzicalMimz
    Rudwan’s wife is 34 weeks pregnant. Rudwan is a @girifna member and an advocate for peace #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  14. TheJohnZogby
    Please keep Rudwan Dawod #WeAreAllRudwan in your prayers and spread word. Don’t abandon hope.
  15. MimzicalMimz
    Rudwan Dawoud conveyed a message to his supporters; that he is in good health & that the revolution lives on. #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  16. girifna
    الاثنين ١٣ اغسطس
    يحكم القضاء السوداني على امانته و نزاهته
    #Rudwan #Kawarti #SudanRevolts
  17. S_Elwardany
    Sudanese activist #Rudwan Dawood re-arrested by NISS few mins after he was released #FreeRadwan
  18. قرفنا – الاثنين ١٣ اغسطس جلسة النطق بالحكم على
  19. بعد أن أخلى القضاء سبيله: جهاز الأمن يعتقل رضوان
  20. RameyDawoud
    Happy to announce that the NISS (Sudan’s secret police) has released Rudwan Dawod! Thank you for the support! #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  21. EnoughProject
    Update: #Sudan releases Rudwan Dawod & 80 other detainees arrested during the first day of #SudanRevolts protests.
  22. StateDept
    Spokesperson Victoria Nuland: We appreciate #Sudan complied with the decision by its court to release Rudwan Dawod.
  23. رضوان داوود يصل عصر اليوم لواشنطون دي سي منهياً

Blog Launch

Map of Africa 2011After much contemplation and encouragement, I’ve decided to start a blog to better articulate my thoughts and ideas and share them with those who care to listen.

The tumultuous times in which we live, with the “Arab Spring” in North Africa, the famine in the Horn, the birth of South Sudan and the myriad developments taking place throughout the Continent, make it a very interesting time to be an African.

This blog will focus on African political, economic, social and cultural developments.

I look forward to your comments and feedback!

– Dooda