Welcome Home, Rudwan!

  1. SudanSunrise
    Rudwan Dawood, Widad Dirwish, and others still held by the NISS. Court date postponed. No Charges #SudanRevolt #Sudan #HumanRights @girifna
  2. BSonblast
    pls pray for Rudwan Dawud, who has been detained and severely tortured by NISS. His family need your support #SudanRevolts #FreeRudwan
  3. BSonblast
    from Rudwan’s wife via FB: Im SO worried about him bec we know he’s been tortured & dont even know the charges against him yet #SudanRevolts
  4. حملة التضامن مع رضوان داوود رضوان داوود ناشط …
  5. france7776
    Intimidation & witchhunt | Rudwan Dawod Sudanese Activist Charged With Terrorism http://is.gd/mEgIEH #sudan #sudanrevolts #humanrights
  6. al_loya
    Ramadan Mubarak @simsimt, Eihab, Boshi, Yousra, Mo Salah, Rudwan, and all of our heroes detained by NISS. #FreeAllDetainees #SudanRevolts
  7. A22523
    Rudwan Daud, an activist, is facing the death penalty for advocating for freedom. Pray for Rudwan and call for freedom! #SudanRevolts
  8. Galaxy717
    #WeAreAllRudwan , hope everybody use this hashtag to support Rudwan tomorrow at his trial. @girifna #SudanRevolts #السودان_ينتفض
  9. A22523
    #WeAreAllRudwan I am not Sudanese, but I call for the freedom of my Sudanese brother Rudwan for he has been detained for activism.
  10. girifna
    Riot police infront of Alhaj Yousef Court where Rudwan’s hearing takes place #SudanRevolts #WeAreAllRudwan #كلنا_رضوان #السودان_ينتفض
  11. Neehallee
    “@alsadiga13 Ya allah let rudwan be free ya allh rudwan he need you ya. Allah ansor rudwan ya allah feek asrah wa asr kul alglaba ya rab “
  12. girifna
    Message From #RudwanDawod Wife, Nancy: I’m 32 weeks pregnant today! We already love her SO much #SudanRevolts #WeAreAllRudwan #RudwanTrial
  13. MimzicalMimz
    Rudwan’s wife is 34 weeks pregnant. Rudwan is a @girifna member and an advocate for peace #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  14. TheJohnZogby
    Please keep Rudwan Dawod #WeAreAllRudwan in your prayers and spread word. Don’t abandon hope.
  15. MimzicalMimz
    Rudwan Dawoud conveyed a message to his supporters; that he is in good health & that the revolution lives on. #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  16. girifna
    الاثنين ١٣ اغسطس
    يحكم القضاء السوداني على امانته و نزاهته
    #Rudwan #Kawarti #SudanRevolts
  17. S_Elwardany
    Sudanese activist #Rudwan Dawood re-arrested by NISS few mins after he was released #FreeRadwan
  18. قرفنا – الاثنين ١٣ اغسطس جلسة النطق بالحكم على
  19. بعد أن أخلى القضاء سبيله: جهاز الأمن يعتقل رضوان
  20. RameyDawoud
    Happy to announce that the NISS (Sudan’s secret police) has released Rudwan Dawod! Thank you for the support! #FreeRudwan #SudanRevolts
  21. EnoughProject
    Update: #Sudan releases Rudwan Dawod & 80 other detainees arrested during the first day of #SudanRevolts protests. http://bit.ly/QGLYv6
  22. StateDept
    Spokesperson Victoria Nuland: We appreciate #Sudan complied with the decision by its court to release Rudwan Dawod. http://go.usa.gov/75S
  23. رضوان داوود يصل عصر اليوم لواشنطون دي سي منهياً

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